Thursday, July 17, 2014

"Sounds" like a good idea

Portable Speakers. . . 

Ah the sound of music.  It's that time of year, again, already!

Indeed, competition season is over, although there are still a few National competitions going on, however, on the whole, the recitals have come and gone, the stage lights are off and the excitement of hurry up and wait for your time (your child's time I should say) to be a star for 2 minutes and 30 seconds is over. For a brief period of time, umm like 2 weeks, everyone gets a break from all the things that dance demands.  

By now many have already begun to choose their genre's and music for next year.  Yes, that's right.  By the way, if you haven't picked out a song, snagged your teacher and committed a time slot for practices, then I'm sorry to say that you are officially behind!  Most dance studios and their students have already begun training and are learning routines for the 2015 dance season.  Yes, I said 2015. Break is over folks : )

With that said, there are new gadgets that are now available or arriving soon that are sure to make the 2015 dance season more tech easy and organizedSo, let's chat a bit about speakers.  
There are a lot of portable speakers on the market today. However, not all speakers are created equal.  Some are definitely better than others.  There are several brands of speakers that come in various shapes, sizes and colors.  There are however, only two types of speakers for connectivity purposes. Wired and wireless.

This year, 2015, I am going with the wireless, version of portable speakers.  A few reasons for this. . . Last season I tested out several various portable speakers. There is definitely a difference in quality, not so much price, which is surprising.  Anyway, long story short (pun intended), wireless, Bluetooth is the way to go.  Here's why.  The wires tend to be fragile, messy, inconvenient and all to often get caught up in other paraphernalia. If and when the wires get pulled away or out from the speaker it is then rendered useless. Good bye speaker and money.  Lastly, wired no longer equates to sound quality. Case in point. . . Bose, need I say more.

Wireless, Bluetooth portable speaker
Let's face it, we live in a high tech society. We expect quick, easy and dare I say quality products at a cheap price.  In regards to speakers and the sound quality we are living in a time where we no longer have to, nor should we expect to have a sound device be hard wired into our electronic gadgets, be it a television a stereo or a cell phone, to get a great sound from a small speaker.  So, without further ado, allow me to introduce to you my newest find. 

This speaker has amazing sound quality!  It is currently available in four colors with more colors arriving soon.  This speaker is wireless, Bluetooth, durable and yep, waterproof too! You can get these little guys wet, spill on them and wipe them off.  You can take them to the pool or even into the shower.  They are not submersible, so don't go crazy!  The idea that you can wipe off dirt and grime in and of itself is a huge selling point for me. Lastly, with it's suction cup technology this particular speaker adhere's to darn near anything.  This speaker will connect to any Bluetooth device. With it's soft yet durable exterior, it's sticking power, portability and the sound quality, all for less than $20.00, yeah, this is the speaker for us!

Happy dancing and listening too!

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