Monday, October 7, 2019

Stretching and other Gadgets. . . Do they really work?

Stretch, Flex and Turn-Gadgets: A quick guide in choosing the right gear for you.

Question of the day. . . Can you really improve your dance technique, flexibility and strength with a gadget?  Simply said, yes and here's why.

Stretching is the deliberate lengthening of muscles which increases muscle flexibility and joint range of motion.  Using gadgets that are specifically designed to increase your flexibility and range of motion allows for the possibilities of greater range of motion, improved movements, the ability to work and use multiple muscles at one time and of course increase flexibility.  As with anything, use with caution and in addition to your normal stretching routines.  Natural stretching and exercises are the key to your success.

Stretch Looped band
The Flexi-Trainer is a static stretching tool to help you increase your flexibility, muscle elasticity and core strength. Attaches to any door.

Stretch bands. There are different resistant strengths. Therefore, you might want 
purchase multiple bands as you grow stronger and more flexible. A numbered looping stretching band gives you a properly measured stretch and allows a more complete two leg stretch, rather than a one leg stretch with the standard rubber bands.

Foot Stretchers-

Ballet Foot Stretch
Important things to remember when using any kind of foot stretcher: Never force anything. Use 2-3 minutes a day. Use at the end of the day, after class. 
Okay, so there are several different brands of foot stretchers out there. They are all designed to  accomplish the same thing, which is to strengthen the foot and muscles and improve the arch. The goal is to increase the height and shape of the arch allowing for consistent proper foot positioning and technique. 
The Better Arch
 A new twist this season are   multi-purpose foot stretchers. 
 Basically the new products are more compact, lightweight,   have a detachable massage stick and come with a carrying     case or bag, which is great.

Point On
Pointe On system design is completely unique and utilizes elements from the top name brand foot stretchers and combines them into one sleek design. Featuring a neoprene slip on foot sleeve for adjustable support and comfort which  provides a more gentle foot stretch experience. A tension leg lock band holds your leg in place providing a proper and true stretch. Detachable massage stick, heel pads and carrying case included. Perfect for on the go! Available in 3 colors. Blue, Pink and Black.
Kinetic Bands

Kinetic Band-Leg resistance  
Strengthen legs, hips, hip flexors, glutes and abs all at the same time! Improves flexibility, balance, body control and endurance while you practice your jumps. Helps you develop and refine higher jumps.

Turnboards and Spinners

Do they work? Yes they do!
These tools are specifically designed to improve your turning technique, balance and agility.  They help you build core strength, proper position and increase your ability to find your center and improve your spotting.
To turn on releve', simply turn the sideways. 

Dancing Disc
The newest craze is a portable, Marley covered Turning board. You should know that the term "Marely" is a brand name of flooring used for dance floors, it is not a type of flooring. These portable marley boards make it easy to practice your turns and or tap anywhere. The board can be placed on any surface. They are great for at home or to take to any event. The Dancing Disc is the original practice disc and is made in the USA.
Overstretch bars- 
Overstretch bars
Designed  to assist one with stretching your legs properly, safely and securely to achieve over splits.  They are completely portable, lightweight and have adjustable heights. Made with furniture grade pvc for stability and durability and a high density industrial strength commercial
foam providing maximum comfort and longevity.

Air Core Balance
Air Core Balance-This is really a great tool. It's portable, storable and affordable. It's much harder than it looks! Build core strength, balance and agility. Promotes spotting and memory muscle control
Spring Core Balance
Spring Core Balance by KnK Miami-Promotes balance and ankle range of motion. A metal spring base and non-skid lower platform. Target your turnout, back and core strength, turning, hip rotation

and much more.

Check out some helpful videos of the Turnboard, Spinner and the Flexistretcher on Youtube and at Level UP Dance Supplies

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