Saturday, January 4, 2014

How to apply Dance competition make-up. A simple 10 step diagram

Not all of us were blessed with the ability or knowledge on how to apply make-up, especially for the stage! In time, with my one page 10 step easy diagram you will become a natural at applying make-up.

In regards to colors of foundation, blush and powder, some studios have a specific brand and color palette that they require you to use.  For this reason I have not mentioned colors on the diagram. I would suggest buying a good set of brushes for applying the make-up.  Not all brushes are created equal and not all brushes serve the same purpose.   If you purchase a quality set the first time around you will save money in the long run. 

Blush- Which color is right for you?
I took my daughter to a make-up counter at a large department store to have her properly color matched by a professional.  The make-up artists are always happy to assist you in making choices that best suit your child's natural complexion color palette and showing you how to apply the make-up and how to choose the correct application brushes.

 Choosing colors of eye shadow- Unless your studio has a specific color requirement, you can go with the colors that either compliment the costume or simply go with shades of brown.  You don't want the eyeshadow to clash with your natural complexion or the costume. The natural look is always a safe bet.  Not everyone can wear blues or greens and there's no need to fight that.  
False eyelashes vs. Mascara-
Colors, Style & Bling can make a big impact
I have found that false eyelashes work the best, especially with the younger girls.  False eyelashes are very easy to apply, they come in colors and different types of fullness, some even have bling!  Typically I purchase the multi packages from any local store such as Walmart, Target, etc.  And yes, the lashes are reusable and you can cut them down in size to fit a smaller eye lid.  Application merely requires placing a small amount of glue on your hand.  I am right handed so I place the glue around my thumb area.  You then drag the lash across the glue and then apply to the lid.  You don't need a lot of glue, don't over do it.  The glue will dry clear so don't worry when you see a glob of white.  That's it. When you're done you just take it off. 

Mascara can be tricky to put on and it's a mess to get off.  If you go this route be sure to get
Before and after applying false eyelashes
waterproof mascara and consider also getting one that is for sensitive eyes. Lastly, you won't ever be able to get the same full lash effect that you do with false eyelashes.  But this is just my opinion.  Go with what makes you comfortable. Here's a thought. . . .all professional woman on television and stage wear false eyelashes.

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