Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dance Moms helping Dance Moms, Tips, Advice & helpful Links

Dance Moms helping Dance Moms; Tips, Advice & Links

The internet highway. . . A road that leads us to a vast amount of information, sometimes.  When I was young, we had a small dictionary.  No internet, no cell phones, no cable t.v.  If we needed to know something we actually had to find a book on the subject.  Often I would find myself hoping that our one small blue dictionary that we had would have what I was looking for.  It was tough to write a report if you weren't prepared in advance, that's for sure.

Nowadays, you just go online.  Almost instantaneously you can find something on any subject matter.  Sometimes the information is quite accurate, sometimes you experience information overload and sometimes, well, you just don't seem to be able to find what you're looking for.  

The dance world is one of those subjects where there's not so much information out there.  So, some of us Blog.   We dedicate a part of our life to better inform those dance moms who are maybe new to the sport.  Even for experienced dance moms, such as myself, there is always something new out there on the information highway.  Whether it's a website that we haven't come across or a link to dance songs, dance wear, dance competitions, etc.  there's always a dance mom out there that goes the extra mile to help you navigate down Dance Blvd.  So just keep looking, you're sure to find us out there willing to assist you with great advice, helpful tips and a link or two.

Yourdailydance.com is a great all in one place to get you started down the path of the world of all things dance.  Of course, my blog conservativedancewear.blogspot.com is a good place too!
A great place to shop for all of your dance needs is Discount Dance Supply.  They have the lowest prices for all the name brand shoe wear, leotards, etc.  Use code TP67920 and receive an additional discount off of your total purchase.

Got a question?  Need an answer?  Simply submit your inquiries or suggest a specific subject and we'll do our best to assist you.

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Good luck and Happy Dancing!

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