Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The Perfect Garment bag for your dance competition & recitals

The Perfect Costume garment bag for all of your dance competitions & recitals exists!

Question;  How many times have you packed your dance or skating costume for a competition or recital into your garment and said to yourself, or aloud. . .
I wish this bag had. . . or why is this darn bag so long? or I need this thing to have pockets! I could go on and on.

Well, alas, after many years of being a dance mom and packing or tucking a costume into a garment bag and asking myself those very questions, I decided to design my own line of costume garment bags.  So, if you're looking for that perfect costume garment bag, then look no further because now that bag exists and can be purchased, at a very reasonable price, at
Level UP Dance Supplies

First I'll tell you what I've always wanted in a bag and then you can decide whether or not I've read your mind.
A bag with zippered pockets, clear as well as one that provides a bit of privacy.
A clear view of which costume is in the bag. Fabric, because an all plastic bag is too rigid and just too much to look at all at one time.  A bag that is not too short or too long.  So, in a nutshell, that's what I have designed.

This design is simplistic and functional.  The entire right 1/4 panel is a clear vinyl.  No more guess work of which costume is inside the bag. No more putting a piece of paper inserted into a tiny plastic holder or taping or pinning a hand written note to a bag.  Straightforward and practical.

2 side by side pockets to separate your shoes from your accessories.  1 Elongated privacy pocket to store personal items such as older girl things, hair brush, keys or whatever you desire.

Fabric.  I truly dislike an all clear garment bag. Really, I don't want to see everything.  What's the
point of thatanyway (rhetorical question). You can't conceal anything, it's rigid, it clings to stuff and it's noisy. Have you ever tried folding one of those bags, ever?  Ugh!  That's all I have to say about that. Anyway, back to my garment bag, LOL.  The fabric is a professional commercial grade durable soft fabric.  It's easy to spot from afar, is flexible, and the breathable fabric reduces moisture retention among garments inside.

Available in several colors and zipper options. New for the 2018 season are front and side zipper entry. These colors will stand out making your bag a quick find in a crowded dressing room, yay! 2 convenient sizes, the Mini and the Standard. All Mini bags are a black base with 6 different zipper color options. The Standard size bag are available in multiple colors with various zipper colors, typically matching or black.  The logo is located on the back to allow for embroidery customization on the front.

Lastly, the back side.  It's all fabric.  You can personalize these garment bags with custom embroidery, vinyl heat press and or adding a rhinestone image or name. Studio logo, no problem. I've do this often with my bags and it truly makes the dancer, cheerleader, skater, etc. feel extra special.

For pricing and ordering information, visit
          Level UP Dance Supplies

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